YesCzysto – branding for cleaning company

For over 60% of employees, cleanliness in the company affects the comfort of work, but very often this duty falls on employees, which significantly reduces their morale.

Cleaning is one of the most overlooked elements in budget planning. Therefore, the main objective of YesCzysto was to increase customer awareness of this problem.

The outcome of this was an attempt to cut with the present image of the cleaning profession. At YesCzysto, quality stands by 3 guidelines: aesthetics of work, communication, continuous development, and increasing competencies.

Work scope:

  • Idenity Design
  • Social Media
  • Print Design
  • Webdesign

My role:

  • Art Direction,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Motion Design


  • Account Director: Szymon Krupnik
  • Graphic Design: Przemysław Piszko