Łebska Ostoja – branding for holiday estate

Estate near the Slowinski National Park and in the environment of the most beautiful and widest beaches of the Baltic Sea needed a family-friendly identity.

Lebska Ostoja estate visualization

The main identity hues cold blues — the color of sky and sea — and bright red and orange — colors connected with warmth and sun — immediately evoke associations with summer.

Lebska Ostoja LogoLebska Ostoja Logo BookLebska Ostoja Logo Vertical

Joyful illustrations portraying satisfied characters were used in the entire identity, from promotional and informational materials or even on the walls inside the building, e.g. greeting guests.

Łebska Ostoja AdvertismentLebska Ostoja Tourist Guide Stationery for Lebska OstojaŁebska Ostoja Folder

To build good associations with the brand, subtle labels and branding were placed throughout the estate.

Lebska Ostoja estate visualizationPhoto of Lebska Ostoja building numberProject of Lebska Ostoja building numberPhoto of Lebska Ostoja apartment numberŁebska Ostoja Key Chain

Work scope:

  • Logo Design
  • Idenity Design
  • Social Media
  • Print Design
  • Webdesign

My role:

  • Art Direction,
  • Graphic Design